Pilot program currently in progress


Develop the mindset and skills you need to successfully grow your business online.

You’re a small business owner or you are about to launch a new business

You want to grow your online business. You want an engaged audience who will buy your products or services direct from you. You want to build your social media and digital platforms and get more value from them.


You and your team lack the digital knowledge and skills needed to build your business online. You don’t know how to improve on what you are currently doing on social media. You don’t have confidence in your digital strategy. Maybe you don’t have a digital strategy at all.

We can help

Let's work together to jumpstart your online business model, maximise your communications and build your audience by embedding the processes and tools you need for growth.


Unsure how to build your business online
Unsure where your digital problems lie
A lack of confidence in communication
Uncertain about what to post and when
Unclear on how to improve
Internal focus
A lack of control


A clear plan for growth
Problems identified and fixed
A defined voice
A clear vision and approach
Analytical and improvement driven
Audience focus
Control of your future

Who are we?

The Digital Mindset Program is delivered by Dark Arts, a digital agency specialising in social media and digital marketing. After 6 years of working with hundreds of clients, from start-ups to international pop stars, we are packaging up our processes, knowledge and experience into a mentored program designed to give business owners the tools and the mindset needed to build their business online effectively.

How The Digital Mindset Program works

Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss your business and how our program can help you. If we can’t help we’ll be the first to let you know.


Join The Digital Mindset Program and get ready to focus on your online business model.

Apply our step-by-step frameworks and get all the support, coaching and mentorship you need to succeed.

Develop the tools and knowledge to grow your business online, build an engaged customer audience and increase sales.


Our pilot program

We are currently working with 6 businesses who are going through a pilot version of the program. The pilot started in mid-September 2020 and will run for 10 weeks. If you are interested in taking part in the program in 2021, book a strategy sessions and let's discuss your business.